A thought about gratitude.

I feel grateful.
To my family, kids, friends, sisters, teachers,
all my relationships
education, house, food, clothes, shoes, toothbrush
the birds, butterflies, caterpillars

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Love, Oneness, Spirituality, Vulnerabilty

Gift of self-love

Expressing my thoughts loudly either vocally or in written has always been one of most dreadful challenges since my childhood. I would turn pale, freeze, go blank, get stomach upsurge… And would feel “That it!”. That’s the end of me.

What will people think? What if they give nasty comments? What if they judge my language? What if they ridicule me? What if they dissect my profile? What if my credibility is questioned?

Hell yes! I’ve got a very tenacious inner critic. It helped me stay small since I know. My heart is so stubborn though; it kept constantly standing in the face of that power and ultimately…

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